Fees & Charges

The agreed Service Fee will be invoiced and payable on a 42 day pregnancy test.

The agreed Service Fee relates to the provision of semen only. Additional charges will include semen transport which will be invoiced separately and payable in 30 days from the date of the tax invoice.

Working Fees will be at the discretion of the Stud, base or Equine Vet inseminating the mare.

The Service Fee is to be paid within 30 days upon the issue of a tax invoice to the Owner/Lessee specified in the Stallion Agreement. If this payment is not received within the due date, all discounts will be forfeited and the full advertised Service Fee will be due and payable to Cobbitty Equine Farm.

The Owner/Lessee shall notify Cobbitty Equine Farm whether or not a pregnancy has resulted 14-18 days after the date of service. If Cobbitty Equine Farm have not been notified, the Owner/Lessee will be invoiced on 50 days.

For further information on Fees and Charges, Live Foal Guarantee (LFG) and Free Returns, please see the General Terms & Conditions which are located in the Stallion Service Agreement Form 2018/19.

If assistance is required please go to our Contacts section.