Pre-Training & Agistment

Situated in the renown horse haven of Cobbitty, NSW, Cobbitty Equine Farm delivers world class facilities that cater for all aspects of equine care and training.

Whether it is racing – Standardbreds or Thoroughbreds – rehabilitation, agistment or breeding, Cobbitty Equine Farm’s location, facilities and operations ensure the horses welfare and development are paramount.

If you would like further information or are interested in sending your horse, please contact Luke or Belinda at Cobbitty Equine Farm.

Facilities include

  • 800m Main Training Track
  • 700m Sand Track with 30% incline
  • 1200m Straight / Hill Track with 12% incline
  • Horse Swim
  • 10 Horse Water Walker
  • Treadmill (Horse Gym Australia)
  • 6 Horse Undercover Walker
  • Boxes with sprinkler system
  • 12 x Rubber lined 5 x 5 boxes
  • 30 x Rubber lined walk in / walk out 12 x 5  boxes
  • Hot water wash bays
  • Weigh Scales
  • Shaker Plate
  • Colt Paddocks
  • Veterinary Room
  • Steel fenced paddocks with rubber lined shelters
  • Breeding Mount / Area with AI Room