New Breeding Incentives for NSW

New Breeding Incentives for NSW
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The New South Wales breeding sector has been given a significant boost through the introduction of the “Breed NSW” Scheme which introduces a range of funding incentives from Harness Racing New South Wales.

The HRNSW Board has ratified a targeted three-year plan to energise the breeding program so as to sustain the racing product in NSW for the long term future of the industry.

The “Breed NSW” Scheme will see more than $1.7 million applied to stimulate breeding initiatives state-wide in year one (season 2022) with a targeted 10% growth in breeding numbers over the following two years.

Owners of broodmares – pacers and trotters – domiciled permanently in NSW from the commencement of the 2022 breeding season (1 August, 2022) will receive:

  • $250 on a 42 day pregnancy test;
  • $1000 on the 2023 HRNSW registration of a live foal; and an additional
  • $500 for live foals by stallions domiciled in NSW which have been accepted into the “Breed NSW” Scheme.

The Colonial Stallion Scheme (pacers $500 cash rebate) and the Trot NSW Incentive (trotters $500 cash rebate) which were introduced as a national first by HRNSW several years ago remain in place effectively delivering a cash rebate of $2000 to the breeder of a live foal which meets all the criteria.

“Breeding is literally the heartbeat of our industry and the centrepiece of continual growth and prosperity for our sport,” HRNSW Chief Executive John Dumesny said.

“We have some of the most resilient breeders in the world right here in New South Wales who in recent times have experienced years of the worst drought in living memory.”

“These same breeders have produced horses which are more than competitive on the national stage and they are to be encouraged to continue their efforts and the Breed NSW Scheme is a just reward for their continued contribution.”

“NSW has the highest return to breeders through bonuses and the scheme will make it even more attractive for broodmare owners but most importantly the Scheme has a guaranteed three year introductory period.”

“Already HRNSW has received interstate interest both from breeders and stallion owners so the amount of funding may well be greater than $1.7m in the initial year if there is an influx of both mares and stallions.”

“It is pleasing also to note that the funding is all HRNSW with no reliance on Government hand-outs such is the strong management of the industry in the premier state.” 

The conditions for the “Breed NSW” Scheme will be finalised and published by HRNSW in June.

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