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Our Stallions Bling It On, Capt Midnight, Dancin Lou For A Reason, King Of Swing, McWicked, My General Lee an Ultimate Machete are available for semen transportation during the breeding season of 2023/24. 

Huntsville and Heston Blue Chip will be available via frozen semen.

Each Stallion is priced individually see Fees & Charges for more information regarding the Service and Working Fees. The agreed Service Fee will be invoiced and payable on a 42-day pregnancy test.

Cobbitty Equine Farm acknowledges the importance of the stallion in Equine Reproduction and has purpose-built facilities that allow us to offer a wide range of stallion services including Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Semen Transport.

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Please ensure you complete the Stallion Service Agreement Form to complete the booking process. All mares served to one of our stallions are required a signed Stallion Service Agreement Form, Free Returns are also required to fill out a form. We really appreciate your assistance in ensuring your clients have done this. 

*Note all semen orders must be submitted to Cobbitty Equine Farm by 2PM Sydney time on either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday.*

  • Stallion Service Agreement Form

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  • Semen Order Form

    Semen orders MUST be received by 5pm on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

    We collect and ship semen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    Please call Belinda immediately if your order is late

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  • Pregnancy Results

    Please notify us of all pregnancy test results.

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Fees & Charges

The agreed Service Fee will be invoiced and payable on a 42 day pregnancy test.

The agreed Service Fee relates to the provision of semen only. Additional charges will include semen transport which will be invoiced separately and payable in 30 days from the date of the tax invoice.

Transported chilled semen is $240.00 in Australia , this includes two semen transport deliveries per cycle. (If a third delivery is required on the same cycle an additional freight charge will be applied). This fee of $110 may vary depending on the mode of transportation and difficulties due to airlines. We ask all clients to be mindful of the difficulties this may impose.

Return Service, if unfortunately your mare has lost her pregnancy in the previous breeding year or foal has died upon foaling, an administration/working fee of $200.00 will be payable for a return service, as well as any applicable semen transport fees. 

Working Fees will be at the discretion of the Stud, base or Equine Vet inseminating the mare.

The Service Fee is to be paid within 30 days upon the issue of a tax invoice to the Owner/Lessee specified in the Stallion Agreement. If this payment is not received within the due date, all discounts will be forfeited and the full advertised Service Fee will be due and payable to Cobbitty Equine Farm.

The Owner/Lessee shall notify Cobbitty Equine Farm whether or not a pregnancy has resulted 14-18 days after the date of service. If Cobbitty Equine Farm have not been notified, the Owner/Lessee will be invoiced on 50 days.

When a deposit is paid upfront, in the event the mare is served by another Stallion or Cobbitty Equine Farm is not notified that the service will not be used that season, the deposit will not be refunded. 

For further information on Fees and Charges, Live Foal Guarantee (LFG) and Free Returns, please see the General Terms & Conditions which are located in the Stallion Service Terms & Conditions.

Semen Transport

Chilled Fresh Semen Transport is available for this 2023/24 breeding season for Bling It On, Capt Midnight, Dancin Lou, For A Reason, King Of Swing, McWicked, My General Lee and Ultimate Machete.

Cobbitty Equine Farm will be collecting and ship semen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11th of September until the end of January.

Fresh chilled semen can be sent to any recognised semen base, Stud or Equine Vet in Australia.

All semen orders MUST be submitted through to Cobbitty Equine Farm by 2PM Sydney time on either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday (the night prior). 

Please make sure you have completed a Stallion Service Agreement Form prior to ordering semen and semen being dispatched.

Ordering Semen 

Our preferred method of ordering is our App or our Semen Order Form (find above) to complete this process. Alternatively please email or text 0417066481.  We are not responsible for any errors made on verbal orders.  Please refer to the Semen Order form for details of confirmation of orders.

If you notice any problems with your order, let us know immediately so we can take steps to correct it in the future.  Also, if you, for any reason change the mare that you breed, or don’t breed a mare, let us know straight away so our records can be kept accurate.

Please also note that semen transport fees may vary this season depending on means of transportation.

All semen will be sent to the designated airport or available for pick-up at Cobbitty Equine Farm. Please note collection from the airport will be at the Owner/Lessee’s responsibility. 

Please contact Belinda direct on 0417 066 481 if you have any concerns, questions or would like to order semen.


Our Facilities

Whether it is racing – Standardbreds or Thoroughbreds – rehabilitation, agistment or breeding, Cobbitty Equine Farm’s location, facilities and operations ensure the horses welfare and development are paramount.

  • 800m Main Training Track
  • 700m Sand Track with 30% incline
  • Horse Swim
  • 10 Horse Water Walker
  • Treadmill (Horse Gym Australia)
  • Horse Undercover Walker
  • Boxes with sprinkler system
  • 12 x Rubber lined 5 x 5 boxes
  • Hot water wash bays
  • Weigh Scales
  • 1000m Hill Track
  • Veterinary Room
  • Breeding Mount / Area with AI Room
  • 30 x Rubber lined walk in / walk out 12 x 5 boxes
  • Steel fenced paddocks with rubber lined shelters
  • 1200m Straight / Hill Track with 12% incline
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Po Box 157
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